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One might well think of eclipses as super strength New and Full Moons.
Visit the beach at high and low tide to observe for yourself the effects of the Moon! She
pulls on the tides and on your brain too! How could she not? Our bodies are made of
mostly water. Eclipses increase this pulling effect - not upon the earthly tides, but
secretly, in ways not so easily measured. Some folks assume that Solar eclipses
outclass Lunar Eclipses in strength. In my experience, one must never underestimate
the power of a Lunar Eclipse! Effects are potent, often noted within days.
At the Lunar Eclipse in particular, projects or problems may come to a head.
Lunar Eclipses are indeed powerful, in an undulating, ongoing way. Their shadow
covers are large portion of the earth! Theoretically, their effects are broader, and also
more emotional. Solar Eclipses would theoretically be more pinpointed or concentrated
in effect. The shadow of the trajectory of a Solar eclipse is much more focused and
concise then that of the Lunar Eclipse.
Hypothetically, Lunar eclipses influence the public mood, women, the masses,
public health, the waters, the oceans and also domestic affairs more strongly then might
a Solar eclipse. After all, the Moon is said to “rule” over these matters.
In practice however, it is hard to ferret out the differences between their effects,
especially since they always occur only two weeks apart!